We have a knowledgeable and innovative technical team who support us as a business, as well as our customers and suppliers.


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Our growers have access to arguably the best potato agronomy team in the UK. The Agronomy team cover all major potato growing areas and advise on all sections of the market from prepack and processing to seed.

With considerable investment in research and development in potato production, our agronomists have access to the latest cutting edge growing techniques. Launched in 2015, the business now has its own agronomy and technical division under the division Produce Solutions.

Working alongside Greenvale AP, Produce Solutions is uniquely placed to integrate the knowledge and experience of its agronomists in potato production with the supply chain expertise gained from working very closely with the largest retailers, brand processors and food manufacturers in the UK.  Produce Solutions is involved in all aspects of the food industry, from market insight to consumer satisfaction.

The team comprises experienced agronomists and technical managers, working across the UK with potato growers and small businesses, optimising their production and ensuring the quality of their produce, and their growing standards, exceeds the demands and expectations of their customers.

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Greenvale also invests heavily in New Product Development, Product and Process Innovation, ensuring we lead the industry in new opportunities for our customers and suppliers. Working with a significant number of Research Institutes, Universities and independent experts, Greenvale aims to lead the industry in delivering new practical and margin enhancing ideas.