Greenvale is proud of its 20 year potato breeding partnership with the James Hutton Institute...

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Our thriving seed potato business retailing over 48,000 tonnes each year, including 10,000 tonnes of export and 10,000 tonnes of our own exclusive varieties, is managed from a specific office based at Burrelton, near Perth in Scotland. The site is ideally located in the major seed potato growing area of the UK.

Whilst Greenvale is a significant grower of seed potatoes in its own right, the company also has a dedicated seed grower group, producing high quality Scottish and English seed to cater for every customer’s requirement. Greenvale is also the largest supplier of seed potatoes direct to UK growers.

Supplying UK Growers and countries internationally with both our own exclusive varieties as well as free varieties. The dedicated seed potato team based at Burrelton has a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to the growing, storing and marketing of seed crops. They also offer a technical back up service which is second to none.

Greenvale is proud of its 20 year potato breeding partnership with the world renowned James Hutton Institute, formally known as the Scottish Crop Research Institute (SCRI), based at Dundee. Greenvale AP’s growers and customers are now beginning to reap the rewards of this long term investment with successful varieties such as Lady Balfour, Vales Sovereign, Vales Emerald and the first commercial “Phureja” potato Mayan Gold, which made national news in October 2006.

With a successful track record of delivering new potato varieties meeting the needs of consumers, retailers, growers and the environment, Greenvale continues to invest in the latest ‘blue sky’ research, developing beneficial technologies for their grower base, customers and consumers.

Greenvale is committed to the development of practical biological and pesticide free solutions based on science for tomorrow’s challenges – research using the most advanced agronomic processes to deliver ‘best practice’ production guidelines for new commercial varieties.

The broad base of plant science research carried out at the James Hutton Institute in areas such as genomics, enables their plant breeders to put science behind the art of plant breeding. This has resulted in multiple disease resistance being incorporated in to single varieties through conventional breeding techniques.

With Greenvale’s commitment to delivering improved varieties for its customers and growers, the company has been able to test large numbers of disease resistant varieties under commercial growing conditions. Greenvale’s expertise has been in the selection of those that have outstanding additional attributes for the market place such as flavour, processing ability, appearance, organic yields or low carbon footprints. Greenvale has been able to react quickly to the market place, targeting specific breeding for a particular goal. Vales Emerald was just a piece of pollen in 1997 but was on consumers’ plates in 2005, some 5-8 years quicker than most commercial varieties to market, by which point the market has often changed.

The Future
Greenvale continues to look to the future and invest in potato breeding that will produce varieties to meet the changing consumer attitudes to health, indulgence, organics and convenience while also facing the challenges of climate change with less pesticide, inorganic fertiliser and water inputs.

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